Product Care

**We tested our blankets up to 15lbs in many home machine types to ensure durability, however if you feel your machine will not be able to handle the blanket, we recommend using a laundromat or hand washing and air drying. Please monitor your machines closely while washing to prevent any damage.

3lb, 5lb, 7lb, 10lb, 12lb
Machine Wash:
Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle with a mild, liquid detergent. We suggest using an extra rinse cycle after main wash cycle. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Machine Dry:
Tumble dry on gentle cycle with low heat. We suggest including 2-3 dryer or tennis balls to help maintain even weight distribution and prevent any bunching due to spin cycles. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

15lb, 20lb, 25lb
Machine Wash: 

Commercial machine wash recommended.
Better to hand wash or spot clean only with a mild, liquid detergent and warm water mix.

Air dry.

Note: All of these sizes can be machine washed/dried, but we recommend only using machines when necessary. You may find a simple spot clean with a mild, liquid detergent and warm water mix will get the job done. The spinning motion of machine washing/drying may cause some bunching withing the pockets. If this happens, see our care tips for this below.
Due to the weight, do not machine wash/dry this blanket in your home machines.

Machine Washable Hoodie Blanket:

Uttermara Wearable Hoodie Blanket is easy to care. Machine washable in cold water and then tumble dry on low heat, it will comes out like new, saving you time and effort. Please kindly note that this hoodie cannot be dry cleaned, bleached, or ironed. 

Duvet Cover Set Care Tips:

Take the duvet out before washing. Wash the cover set inside out with cold water and tumble dry on low heat, do not bleach / iron / hang to dry to avoid deformation. Wash before first use to get rid of cutting debris and be nicer to the skin. Shake and fluff up the long fur after each wash to restore to its original beautiful state.