Soft Sherpa Weighted Blanket-Rainbow

Experience the joy and comfort of the Rainbow Weighted Blanket. Its vibrant and colorful design is sure to uplift your mood and brighten any room. This weighted blanket provides deep pressure stimulation, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and improving sleep quality. Snuggle up and embrace the happiness that the Rainbow Weighted Blanket brings.
Size: 48"x72" 12LBS
Subtotal: $78.95
• Handmade

• Materials: Sherpa, Faux Fur

• Filling: Fine-Grade Ceramic Beads

• Hypoallergenic

Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

Uttermara redefines softness, comfort and warmth with this stylish shaggy faux fur weighted blanket. Woven from the finest materials with eye-catching texture, this fluffy weighted blanket envelops you in sumptuously plushness for all-natural and restful sleep while meets the aesthetic appeals.

Sharing is bothering when it comes to weighted blanket. Everyone is happy until they get their own blanket.

Décor Friendly Colors Up-for-Grab

Easy Care and Maintenance

Due to the limited capacity of domestic washing machine, we suggest you to use commercial washer or spot cleaning weighted blanket over 12 lbs.

Uttermara Blankets come in a range of weights for your rest and relaxation. Your choice of weight will be unique to you but, as a guide, this is how they tend to be used.

What size do I choose?
We recommend roughly 10% of your body weight. You can use a range of 8-12%, if 10% isn't available or you're in between sizes!
  • 12lb: Sleeping Solo, Lounging Solo
  • 15lb: Sleeping Solo, Lounging Solo
  • 20lb: Sleeping Solo, Lounging Together
  • 25lb: Sleeping Together, Lounging Together
  • **We tested our blankets up to 15lbs in many home machine types to ensure durability, however if you feel your machine will not be able to handle the blanket, we recommend using a laundromat or hand washing and air drying. Please monitor your machines closely while washing to prevent any damage.

    3lb, 5lb, 7lb, 10lb, 12lb: Machine Wash:
    Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle with a mild, liquid detergent. We suggest using an extra rinse cycle after main wash cycle. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

    Machine Dry:
    Tumble dry on gentle cycle with low heat. We suggest including 2-3 dryer or tennis balls to help maintain even weight distribution and prevent any bunching due to spin cycles. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

    15lb, 20lb, 25lb: Machine Wash
    Commercial machine wash recommended.
    Better to hand wash or spot clean only with a mild, liquid detergent and warm water mix.

    Dry: Air dry
    Note: All of these sizes can be machine washed/dried, but we recommend only using machines when necessary. You may find a simple spot clean with a mild, liquid detergent and warm water mix will get the job done. The spinning motion of machine washing/drying may cause some bunching withing the pockets. If this happens, see our care tips for this below.
    Due to the weight, do not machine wash/dry this blanket in your home machines.
    Soft Sherpa Weighted Blanket-Rainbow

    Soft Sherpa Weighted Blanket-Rainbow


    Soft Sherpa Weighted Blanket-Rainbow

    Size: 48"x72" 12LBS

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    very comfy

    Omg!! I love this blanket. This is my asd daughters 3rd weighted blanket and by far its her fav. She uses it every night and sleeps like a baby. Its so soft and comfy. She loves it! My adult children each want one now as do i, its very conforting

    Snuggle time

    This is a really nice blanket. Keeps you exceptionally warm and the weighted feeling simulates a hug, which releases oxytocin, and that can help you sleep.

    Love it! Soooo soft

    I bought this for myself but I may have already lost it to my husband and pups! It is wonderful for late night tv watching or just napping on the couch. Its soft and heavy. I got the 15 lb blanket, which is a bit heavier than my recommended, but it works perfectly for all of us. Its probably one of the most comfortable things Ive ever purchased, were very happy with it.

    Great choice!

    Great blanket. It does shed at first but I just put it the dryer as said by others and that worked. Havent had any problems with the beads moving or anything. I am. Very happy with my choice I did a lot of reading reviews and decided on this one. The only downfall is it does get a bit hot sometimes.